Role of Public Relations in Indonesia Logistic Industries

By: Suci Maulana


Indonesia is one of the top ten biggest growth of e-commerce with 78% and rank number one. After China, Indonesia is considered as big country in Asia’s e-commerce and logistics sector (


The rapid development in the logistics sector has its strategic role in the middle of the government spirit to accelerate the infrastructure development, this is aligned in advancing Indonesia on the competition of Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean (MEA).


In this competition of e-commerce and logistics growth & in the age of globalization, the role of public relations has expanded, which was earlier subjected being active agents in business markets to promote sales. Essentially, public relations is directed towards assembling information, that an organization wants it public (customers, employees, stakeholders, the general public) to know. Getting a repair service for your appliance is not as easy as buying a new one.


The media elements like youtube, social networking and blogs have made the job of a public relations much easier as they can convey information through these mediums in a more effective way. Working together with the marketing team, public relations play a big role in generating leads for B2B companies. You can then switch to SMS payments afterwards. The complete function of public relations revolves around the content of the industry, an original research report, a webinar and an analysis report. SlotsMagic is an online casino that has a wealth of slots offerings. These tools are instrumental in creating a buzz in the market about a product, thereby drawing attention. The only time I might do this is if I hit a blackjack myself, and an insurance bet will offer even money if the dealer shows an ace and also flips over a face or a 10 to also get blackjack.


With Startconn public relations efforts can help a firm create rapport with its customers, promote what it has to offer, and supplement its sales efforts. With the service of our public relations helping the logistic clients generates demand and awareness about the product and company in the market.


Let the company/product on a business map for their potential customer to make choices. Public relations specialists help in building relationships with customers and potential customers in the business market to get their products placed. Most of these bonuses can only be used to play the video slot games.


Ask us about Logistics PR goals.

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